Benedict Chiu was raised by Taiwanese parents in Saratoga, CA. He desperately wanted to stand out among his tech-driven community, so instead of working toward a sweet six-figure Silicon Valley salary, he opted to embarrass himself on the Internet. Benedict attended USC for Business and Cinematic Arts, but also made YouTube videos. Some of his early work included a cringe-worthy Taylor Swift lip sync that will never see the light of the day, and a Jackie Chan-style action comedy with college students doing parkour on a public playground. Benedict eventually cobbled together some comedy sketches about the Asian-American experience to become the basis for his first pilot, the coming-of-age-comedy S.Q.A.G. (SHORT QUIET ASIAN GIRL). His writing often focuses on underdog characters in immersive worlds, with elements of heart, humor, and action – inspired by the anime/manga that stoked his imagination as a kid.

Following the Workshop, Benedict was staffed on CALL ME KAT (FOX).