Cheech Manohar was born in Australia and raised in Pittsburgh by Indian immigrant parents, who instilled in him a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for footnotes.1 Though he did not have a social life in high school, it did prepare him well to originate the role of Kevin Gnapoor, the rapping mathlete, in Mean Girls on Broadway.

While working as an actor, Cheech and his friends would compete to see who could audition for the most characters named Raj.2 After realizing how many hilarious BIPOC/LGBTQ comedians couldn’t get seen for roles because of silly reasons that had nothing to do with their talent, Cheech started writing his own fast and furious comedies. His work always includes two things: a lot of jokes-per-second, and a lot of heart.

Cheech can currently be seen in the feature film Jerry and Marge Go Large on Paramount+ and the HBO show Mrs. Fletcher. Following the Workshop, Cheech was staffed on DEAD BOY DETECTIVES (HBOMax).


1 Footnotes are the croutons of the textbook.

2 Cheech is currently in 2nd place with eight Raj’s.