Where are you from and what inspired you to become a television writer?

I grew up in Frankfort, Kentucky. When I was a kid, there was a movie theater in a mall behind my house. I used to walk there on weekends to watch whatever was showing. In high school, I got a job popping popcorn and selling candy at the same theater, and I got to watch everything for free. I loved getting lost in the larger-than-life stories on-screen. I was just as captivated by great TV shows. Eventually, I started writing scripts on yellow legal pads and shooting them on a Sony Handycam with my neighborhood friends. This passion for watching and creating stories-told-in-pictures made me want to be a TV writer.

What Spec did you write to get into the workshop?


What Spec did you write while you were in the workshop?


Who is your all time favorite television character and why?

Wonder Woman was pretty, had a lasso that made you tell the truth, and fought crime, so she was my favorite when I was five years old. Then it was cops like Hunter, and Crockett and Tubbs. In middle school, it was Kevin Arnold of The Wonder Years, a kid my age experiencing the same growing pains I was going through. As I got older, characters like Andy Sipowicz and Vic Mackey became new favorites, tough, fallen, complicated men fighting evil in a world where they’re not much different than the criminals they pursue.