Kayla Westergard-Dobson was raised by hippie activist parents in the middle of conservative Orange County, California. She joined her first picket line in 1st grade and hasn’t looked back since. After some rough years in her 20s, Kayla decided to tackle yet another hardship – trying to make it in Hollywood. She worked her way through every facet of the industry and rediscovered a dormant love for writing. Now able to channel her years of activism and experience into the kinds of stories she wants to tell, her work has appeared in the video game State of Decay 2, podcasts on the Parcast network, and on the 2017 Bitch List. She also currently produces two podcasts that deep dive into the peculiarities of human nature. When she’s not writing thinly veiled metaphors of her high school bullies, she’s rescuing kittens or curling (the Canadian sport, which is apparently somehow a thing in LA).