Nate Burke is a Black Jew from Boston, which is an incredibly confusing statement for many people. Upon achieving sentience, Nate began unpacking the relationship between these two distinct identities, and in turn became an intrepid investigator of the world at an early age. This deeply-embedded curiosity, coupled with the cultural backing of two separate yet equally vibrant communities, led Nate directly to writing.

Sam Rubinek was born in Toronto, Canada, but is allergic to the cold – literally. He ping-ponged between Toronto and Los Angeles before settling in New York City. The rootlessness of his childhood allowed him to find a sense of identity rooted in family history.  Sam grew up with stories about his grandparents – Holocaust survivors – and his father, born in a refugee camp. This shaped his desire to tell morally murky stories about people in desperate circumstances.

Nate and Sam met at Brown while location scouting for a short film, during which they bonded over their shared love of genre films and dystopian fiction. They moved out to LA and discovered that the similarities and differences in their perspectives and upbringings meshed to create art that neither could make on their own. Following the Workshop, Nate & Sam were staffed on RIVERDALE (CW).