Nic Chatree Sridej was raised in rural Dacula, Georgia by his Thai father and Buffalonian mother. As a biracial Asian kid who adored magic, mystery, and the supernatural, he was a bit of an outlier in this predominantly white, evangelical neck of the woods. Undeterred, he spent his time watching horror movies after Sunday School, asking his detective dad way too many questions about his caseload, and spooking his friends with (good) sleight-of-hand magic and (bad) David Blaine impressions.


Due to a lack of magic colleges in the southeast, Nic studied journalism and theater at Piedmont University. His love for storytelling ultimately inspired him to pursue an MFA in Screenwriting at Florida State University, where he cultivated his passion for genre stories with heart – stories often about misfits straddling worlds and defying expectations. After grad school, he held a variety of Hollywood assistant jobs, including stints on AMERICAN GODS, AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER, and ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? In 2020, he was selected for the CAPE New Writers Fellowship, and he has also worked as a story consultant for indie video game studio Beans Team. Following the Workshop, Nic was staffed on THE WINCHESTERS (CW).