Nikita DeMare was born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to bohemian parents, an Italian-Native father and French-Irish mother, which means she was prone to nosebleeds and alternative sensibilities. But after her father chose the life of a vagabond over that of a family man, her mother, sister, and she hit the road – ultimately settling in the greenwoods of the Pacific Northwest. As a kid, Nikita discovered storytelling by wandering local cemeteries, where she imagined rich backstories for the deceased. As she got older, she put pen to paper, attending writing workshops at Sarah Lawrence and Atlantic Center for the Arts – set on becoming a novelist. But while taking a screenwriting class at Elon University, she felt her trajectory shift, wanting her stories to transcend paper and emerge on-screen. This realization brought her to Los Angeles, where she has since worked various assistant jobs, determined to break into television writing. When she’s not hunched over Final Draft, Nikita enjoys existential conversations and puzzling over all things mysterious ­– from dark matter to wherever that second sock disappears to.

Following the Workshop, Nikita was staffed on FOUND (NBC).