Nina Luckshmi Mohan was born to two Sri Lankan Tamil immigrants and raised in the Chicago suburbs. At 6 weeks old, she attended her first social event: a funeral, which set her up for a lifelong obsession with death and all things macabre. Between watching entire seasons of Unsolved Mysteries and Air Crash Investigation, Nina developed a love of collaborative storytelling through studying opera, slam poetry, and Bharatanatyam dancing. She went on to earn her B.F.A. in vocal performance and B.A. in creative writing from Carnegie Mellon University, then took a sharp left turn and got a technical writing job.

After realizing she did not want her beautiful words to die in unread software user manuals, she turned to the biggest audience she could find – The Internet – namely: BuzzFeed, where she got a job writing and producing videos. Eventually she met colleagues who wrote screenplays and realized this was a medium where her words could come alive off the page and she could tell stories that encompassed the 3Ds – dark, disturbing, and depressing. Nina’s scripts about driven but imperfect women trying and failing to outrun their trauma landed her a spot in the 2020 CAPE New Writers Fellowship and the 2023 Warner Bros. Writers’ Workshop.