Sara Kimura was born in Los Angeles to a Japanese DJ and a Latina schoolteacher who met on the way to the club – or church – depending on who you ask. Sara’s mother raised her to become a Christian stay-at-home mom, wife, and author. Instead, Sara became a childless, husbandless heathen, and screenwriter.

After escaping from her culty church, Sara began her TV journey as an assistant at Jason Katims’ production company. Over the next few years, she worked on seven different TV shows, finding her voice writing dramedies about women of color exploring their identities – cultural, ethnic, sexual, and religious. As a self-proclaimed late bloomer, Sara is passionate about telling coming-of-age stories that make people on the margins feel a little less alone.

Sara is currently working as the Showrunner’s Assistant on S2 of Shadow & Bone for Netflix where she does a number of important things, primarily, hoping for the next Ben Barnes sighting.