Stasia Demick is a Seattle-born athlete-turned-drama writer that doctors consider “lucky to be alive.” Growing up, her family described her work ethic as that of someone living on borrowed time. As it turned out, they were right. While her friends spent their 18th birthdays getting their first tattoos, Stasia spent hers in an ambulance signing her first “Do Not Resuscitate” for an undiagnosed medical anomaly. To her credit, she’s only almost died one other time.

Over the years, a common theme emerged in her writing – all her female protagonists were gay. Off this revelation, Stasia explored the intersections of her identity on and off the page. Between her experiences as a late-blooming lesbian and competitive athlete with a secret health condition, she found ample material to pull from.

After years of assisting in several facets of production, Stasia wrote her first episode of television on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Stasia landed a spot in the prestigious Warner Bros. Writers’ Workshop while script coordinating on PLL Season Two.