Troy Kelly is a gay forensic psychologist-turned-TV drama writer. He attended thirteen schools across four states before high school graduation. His father’s job (violent drug dealer) prompted the family’s frequent moves. Despite his…unique childhood, Troy earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and practiced as a forensic psychologist, specializing in sex offenders, psychopaths, and interrogations. His cases ran the gamut from false confessions to serial sexually violent predators to murder-for-hire plots and everything in between.

Troy writes dark, emotionally-driven dramas about flawed protagonists with complicated relationships and unresolved traumas who overcome impossible obstacles and do whatever it takes to survive. Among Troy’s other passions are dog rescue and rehabilitation – most recently rescuing Lucky, his Australian Cattle Dog/Great Pyrenes mix who is training for therapy dog certification – and curating a collection of over 10,000 comic books.