Wyatt Cain grew up in South Jersey and spent much of his life as the guy who always took a joke too far, one time even landing himself in jail for the night. From that point on, Wyatt vowed to channel his more chaotic impulses into writing and out of every other part of his life.

Wyatt attended Ithaca College and the UCLA MFA screenwriting program. He’s worked as an assistant on projects like Birdman, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sleepy Hollow, and Iron Fist. Between these gigs, Wyatt supported himself with a number of odd jobs: delivering pizzas, delivering groceries, delivering people (Lyft, not human trafficking), making cappuccinos, trading Bitcoin, teaching undergrads at UCLA, and curating the homepage for the website “Medium.” Following the Workshop, Wyatt was staffed on Prodigal Son (FOX).