Directing an episode of television requires not only skill in filmmaking, but also the ability to step into someone else’s long-term project and work with a crew and cast who have often worked together for a very long time and have a way of doing things.  Therefore, you need to both be a great leader as well as a great collaborator who can play in their sandbox.  In order for a showrunner to hand over the reins to a first-time episodic director, it is helpful for you to have a body of work that will assure them their “baby” is in good hands, because you’ve proven to be a creative, nimble, and fast director. Submit work samples that best fit within the scope of the series in which you are interested directing.


Educate yourself on the shows that Warner Bros. produces and strategize your application accordingly. We are looking for candidates who would love to direct for our shows and can clearly articulate why they would be a good fit within the Warner Bros. family.


Many of the shows that Warner Bros. produces are high-concept, visually-stylized, full of scope, and often have heavy action.  Our showrunners want to see something in your previous work that shows that you can meet the challenges and demands of working on big shows that often have action sequences or VFX, in addition to getting great performances from the actors.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you provide work samples that demonstrate these skill sets. If your directing sample does not reflect stylistically the WB shows you would be interested in directing, be prepared to discuss your sensibilities that would match your goals and a showrunner’s expectations.

The application period for the Directors' Workshop closed on February 6th, 2022.